Total Fleet Category Management

Fleetworx provide a totally encompassing service from sourcing to servicing that keeps all your suppliers in-line and delivering fleet excellence.


Dozens of different suppliers, often in many different countries, create your company car fleet universe. Keeping these suppliers aligned can be a very complex and time consuming job. It only takes one supplier to venture off course and the slick, effective supply chain that you painstakingly created can grind to a sudden stop; impacting the mobility of your people and their ability to do their job.

Coordinating, managing and motivating your suppliers is the Total Fleet Category Management solution that Fleetworx brings to many companies around the world who rely on a smoothly operating fleet system to run their business.


Retrieving, collating and analyzing data from across your fleet supply chain is the cornerstone of the Fleetworx solution. Combining data analytics with technology and expertise means you get total understanding and control of your car fleet universe.

Having robust data systems in place means it becomes much easier to manage the fleet-related tasks that help create Total Fleet Category Management.

Total clarity of your fleet dynamics empowers fleet stakeholders when reviewing sourcing policies and devising strategy.

Benefits Of Total Fleet Category Management


A disparate supply chain is inefficient and costly. Fleetworx manage and motivate your suppliers to provide their best service at their best price.

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A fully compliant car fleet is difficult to achieve. Fleetworx demand total compliance from all suppliers, at all times.

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Coordinating dozens of suppliers takes resource. Fleetworx take responsibility for aligning your fleet suppliers, allowing you to deploy resource where it matters most.

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