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Helping HR Create Stand-Out Company Car Reward

A company car can be  a very effective recruitment and retention tool. Experience shows that careful management of the category can produce a company car policy that can leverage serious competitve advantage in an aggressive recruitment market. Many smaller niche operators in the hi-tec space use carefully designed car policies and tactics  to provide company cars with a perceived value that is more than the actual cost to the business. [see ebook].

HR see the value in this and can upweight their recruitment efforts for no more cost to the business. To do this however needs a carefully planned and expertly negotiated sourcing project. Unfortunately , as companies continue to contract to their core offer, non-core services such as fleet management is being outsourced, leaving an unfortunate dearth of knowledge about fleet sourcing within the business.

It is not uncommon for the HR department to be assigned fleet as a category, and although they see the value in a well-managed fleet provision, they don’t necessarily have the bandwidth or the expertise to be able to deliver it.

Fleetworx work with many HR departments and take away the heavy lifting of category management. We use our expertise and independence to ensure the best interests of the client is always front of mind, challenging the supply chain to produce the most cost effective and appropriate solutions.

Speak with a member of the Fleetworx team today and create stand-out company car reward.

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