Fleetworx reporting provides timely and accurate reporting to assist in the management of the fleet category.


Reports, forecasts and savings

The Challenge

Increasingly stringent regulatory needs requires businesses to be more aware of costs and financial obligations. The disjointed nature of a fleet supply chain means capturing this information across a fleet supply chain can be problematic.

Our Solution

Centrax™ is Fleetworx’s management information system that holds this data in a smart and connected way, providing business information that is relevant, current and accurate; consequently helping granular reporting, forecasting and savings analysis.

Your Benefits

The Fleetworx reports, forecasts and savings modules provide timely and accurate reporting to assist in the management of the fleet category.

  • understand the cost position of the fleet category
  • review strategic initiatives and determine accurate ROI
  • active recording and tracking of actual delivered savings
  • accurate metrics for strategic decisions

Total Fleet Category Management