Fleetworx Centrax

Central to the work we do


Fleetworx Centrax is our proprietary management information system that is central to the work we do. We use Centrax to collate, analyse, report and advise on your company car fleet supply chain. The strategic direction that we implement for you is rooted in the empirical evidence generated by Centrax. Centrax helps us make complex decisions easier by analysing all the data related to your supply chain, delivering you savings, compliance and control.

Fleetworx Trax focuses on the data collation and analysis that is key to consistent and standardised reporting. Fleetworx Trax gathers every piece of data relevant to your supply chain and stores it in numerous category specific deposits. It is verified and cross-referenced to ensure effective and accurate management information.

Fleetworx Trax:

  1. Data Repository
  2. Data Validation
  3. Data Tracking

Fleetworx Tasx details the operational elements needed for the focused and precise management of your company car fleet supply chain. Fleetworx Tasx ensures every task is allocated and tracked, delivering an accurate structure from which to manage your suppliers.

Fleetworx Tasx:

  1. Supplier/Customer Relationship Modeller
  2. Task Tracker

Fleetworx Strategix delivers evidence based decision making and strategic choice. The data and operational functions of the system build a solid foundation from which to report and interpret results. The vast quantity of data from the supply chain means we can run accurate scenario and what-if analysis; the results from which help shape our strategy and policy recommendations.

Fleetworx Strategix:

  1. Reporting Toolkit
  2. Reporting Dashboard
  3. What-if Planning
  4. Savings Tracker
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