Interrogating Fleet data to Understand Employment Costs


Interrogating Fleet data to Understand Employment Costs

The Challenge

For our client, establishing employment costs in order to plan for growth had always been a challenge, particularly when they were trying to do this across 28 countries in the EMEA region. Snapshots of company car lease costs only told part of the story, and broad-brush estimates were generally the best that could be achieved. The HR department needed a better solution and engaged us to interrogate their fleet information.

Our Solution

Centrax, our management information system, collates hundreds of fleet data points, and it was this system that we used to support the HR team.  Centrax records all the fixed and variable cost elements for the time a vehicle is on fleet. We then apportion this data by employee grade, ultimately allowing us to provide highly accurate company car and car allowance benefit costs, completely removing the guess work in calculating employment costs and business planning.

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