Manage Your Fleet Spend and Increase Your Savings with Newly-Launched Fleetworx Centrax


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Manage Your Fleet Spend and Increase Your Savings with Newly-Launched Fleetworx Centrax

Finding it hard to keep track of all your company car fleet suppliers? Want to know how much you are spending in each category and where your savings opportunities are? Maybe you just want better visibility and control of your fleet supply chain. At Fleetworx we know managing the information and data integral to your outsourced company car fleet supply chain can be a massive challenge, which is why we have launched Fleetworx Centrax™, our proprietary management information system.

Fleetworx work with many companies who have outsourced their company car fleet but who still wish to employ a pro-active approach to its management. So in response to our clients demands for seamless data flow between them and their supply chain, we have developed Centrax. We use Centrax to collate that data, analyse it and then report on it – providing advice and strategic direction that is rooted in the empirical evidence generated by Centrax.

Centrax consists of 3 cloud-based systems, trax, tasx and strategix, each designed for tasks specific to the management and control of information within a company car fleet supply chain.

Client focused
During the development of Centrax, we spent a long time understanding the needs of our clients and listening to the challenges they face trying to manage and control their outsourced company car fleet. Having complete transparency across the supply chain was vital for our clients, but coping with that in-house was increasingly difficult.

trax and tasx relieve that administrative and operational burden – trax focuses on data collection and analysis, whilst tasx details and organises the operational input required to manage the supply chain.

We also appreciate that reporting on the data within the supply chain is imperative and essential to effective decision-making, hence strategix. strategix puts all the data and information at the fingertips of our clients, allowing them to understand their costs, see savings opportunities and construct what-if planning.

Centrax is integral to the work we do with our clients and is a vital component in providing what we promise everyone we work with – savings, compliance, control.

Click here to find out more about how Centrax could help your company car fleet supply chain management.

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