How to improve the value of your company car offer by 50%, without increasing your costs


Reward Like a Heavyweight on a Middleweight Budget

How to improve the value of your company car offer by 50%, without increasing your costs

“How is that possible then?, we hear you ask, and you could easily be forgiven for asking that question. To get an improved vehicle choice and attract key talent, then surely you need to increase your investment in your car fleet, right? Well, not exactly.

We all know that company cars are integral to competitive reward packages. As the employment market continues to improve and recruiting key talent becomes more challenging, offering an attractive company car benefit becomes even more essential. However, offering an exciting company car reward can be a very significant investment and the risk associated with doing it poorly are high.

So, the trick is to offer a competitive and attractive company car benefit, but without increasing your cost. Getting a nice balance between your investment and employee perception.

This challenge is one of our key drivers at Fleetworx and we are constantly reviewing and refining policy, contracts and agreements to produce company car benefit design that produces vehicle choice that belies the actual investment.

To help you achieve this balance we have created this Ebook, “Reward Like a Heavyweight On a Middleweight Budget” – 5 practical steps to help you achieve stand-out company car reward, without increasing your cost. Find out about the most appropriate selection policies, see how clever negotiation can reduce cost and learn how to reduce your incidental spend. We also show you the actual savings that can be made and how you can improve the value of the car by 50% without increasing your costs. So you see, it is possible!

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