Successfully Merging Two Car Fleets After Acquisition


Successfully Merging Two Car Fleets After Acquisition

The Situation

Successful businesses do not stand still for very long. They evolve both organically and through acquisitions and mergers, with the latter providing significant challenges for business integration, not least when it comes to company car policy.

Our client, a large US based organisation was faced with a merger of ‘equal parties’ from which, operationally, one entity was to emerge. The company car policies were quite different in terms of eligibility and mechanisms, so C&B face a mammoth task in creating a common policy that would suit both businesses, mindful of the fact that economies, not additional cost, was the expectation.

Our Solution

Key to a successful merger of two car fleets is knowing what your current costs are and being able to measure the impact of any changes from a company and employee perspective. (Know where you’re going to need to negotiate and know how far you can go).

Our Centrax™ management information system is a source of quality information and drawing on this wealth of knowledge on vehicle policies and best practice has been critical factors to the success of this major policy integration. Additionally, the support that Fleetworx provided in socialising and rolling out the new policy with local client teams and the supply chain alike, meant that everyone across 20+ markets was brought up to speed in a very short space of time:  all issues being dealt with swiftly and effectively, with minimal draw on C&B resources.

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