Complete Fleet Category Overhaul for Multinational Pharma


Complete Fleet Category Overhaul for Multinational Pharma

The Client

A long-term client of Fleetworx, having used our services for more than 11 years to manage their company car fleet of 1400 vehicles.

The Objective

This UK arm of a global pharmaceutical company initially recruited Fleetworx to replace their internal fleet management in a largely outsourced fleet environment. We were asked to interface with and manage all the internal and external stakeholder relationships, in addition to providing diligent cost control and policy insight.

Our Solution

All parties recognised that duplication of effort was not productive, so our role evolved with the changing products and supply chain. We developed new strategies to ensure that the supplier value propositions got delivered and the client’s commercial benefits to the client were monitored and measured.

The Result

Because we have become so ingrained with the client our role covers all aspects of the company car fleet category. In our role as category owner we:

  • advise on policy strategy and implementation
  • source appropriate funding products
  • provide fleet management services
  • manage the global fleet safety programme
  • engage with relevant client stakeholders and suppliers

This deep involvement with the client’s fleet category allows us to coordinate and oversee effective solutions, providing both the glue that keeps everything together and the lubrication that keeps everything moving.

Our work with this client proves that fleet can be fully outsourced. Our involvement means we relieve the client of many of the demands of car fleet management, and giving them the benefit of only ever making “fully informed decisions”

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