The State of Vehicle Electrification – 2021


The State of Vehicle Electrification – 2021

The EMEA EV Indicator

Corporate fleet, and the switch to alternative fuels, is a key target of governements and pressure groups on the road to “net zero” target for greenhouse gases by 2050. However, the success of a company car policy that includes EVs is ultimately controlled by the acceptance of the technology within that country. It could become very challenging if an EV company car policy is introduced to a country that cannot support the practical use of EVs.

But which countries are leading the charge toward electrification? How advanced are the early adopters and how far in their wake are the laggards? A pan -European car fleet operator needs to understand the local conditions within which their people will drive and determine which countries will be more receptive to a push toward fleet electrification.

To establish the state of vehicle electrification, Fleetworx have created the EMEA EV Indicator, which maps a country’s readiness for electrification, against the urgency with which they need to encourage its implementation.

Download the EMEA EV Indicator and:

  • learn where countries fall within our EV Indicator matrix of Electrified!, Under Pressure, Green Champions and Fossil Fuellers.
  • see which countries are leading the charge toward electrification
  • learn which countries are ill-equipped and under-prepared for fleet electrification
  • consider how you may develop your pan-European company car policy in light of the EV Indicator.

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